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Create, view, and manage your webhook integrations within this app.

Free for all Hosted, PC, and GI customers



Webhooks allow Kazoo to send HTTP requests to a third-party web server, alerting that server of events occurring within Kazoo.

Webhooks events are fired for new calls, when a call is answered, and when a call is finished. Additional webhooks are added as they are developed.


WebHooks is your portal to learn about KAZOO webhooks, create new webhooks, as well as manage and debug existing webhooks.

WebHooks enables developers to build rigorous integrations that rely on real-time, non-critical notifications from KAZOO. WebHooks sends a HTTP, GET, or POST notification to a URL defined by you when certain events occur on a system


  • Log channel request
  • Enable/disable webhooks
  • Add custom data
  • Live events
  • CDRs
  • Personal conference rooms
  • Call pickups/hangups

Notifications that Webhooks can send are: Inbound/ outbound calls, Call answered/ ended, Bridged calls, Call parked, Inbound/ outbound fax, Callflow triggered, Object triggered

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