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Today’s users demand more control of their phone system than ever before and need tools that facilitate productive remote work. empowers your users with the functionality they crave in a single UI, straight from their desktop.

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2600Hz Terms of Service



  • Available here for Global Infrastructure and Private Cloud KAZOO instances only
  • Requires an installation of KAZOO 5.1 on your account cluster
  • Hosted Customers can access within your KAZOO App Exchange app.

Version History



Improved conferencing (w/o external links because of scopes) BETA

  • The engine was been upgraded to libwebphone.
  • The in-conference designs have been upgraded and improved upon

All new webphone (does include libwebphone as a new engine) ALPHA

Instant Messaging using Stream Chat ALPHA

  • Hosted, Private, and Global

Screen pop integrations BETA

Availability for hosted