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Today’s users demand more control of their phone system than ever before and need tools that facilitate productive remote work. empowers your users with the functionality they crave in a single UI, straight from their desktop.

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With on your desktop, users can manage their communications from one screen:

  • View key information in the dashboard
  • Host video conferences
  • Make and receive calls via the web phone
  • View and listen to voicemails
  • Send, retrieve, download and delete faxes
  • View call history
  • Ensure devices are online and registered
  • View the phone numbers and extenstions associated with your account


Check out these features when you download

Video Conferences Straight from, users can start or join video conferences. Video conferencing features flexible layout options, intuitive user controls, and easy screen sharing so participants can have the optimal video conferencing experience.

Web Phone Our web phone works like a regular phone — it can dial out, receive calls, place calls on hold, allow you to switch between two or more active calls, and so on — all while emulating your desk phone’s settings. This means you can place and receive calls on your office number even when not at the office.

Number Pad

  • Company directory auto-complete when entering numbers or extensions
  • Enter name, extension, or number to call, or use the number pad to dial the number
  • Avatar and presence shown on directory options
  • Audio tones play for each pressed pad

Call controls

  • Mute and Unmute microphone (self)
  • Hold and Restore audio calls
  • Park and Retrieve audio calls (auto-assign + direct-assign)
  • Transfer audio calls (blind + assist)
  • End call
  • Manage multiple audio calls
  • Start/Stop video/webcam
  • Start/Stop screen share

Video Calls

  • Initiate video calls with call recipients
  • Mute/Unmute camera and microphone
  • Share screen (see below)
  • Hang up video call

Screen sharing

  • Select from either open applications or screens for sharing
  • Get notified of a requested screenshare
  • Get notified if a screen sharing request is rejected
  • Minimize and Maximize shared screens

Parked call access

  • Filter parked calls by line/parking spot
  • View number of parked calls

List parked calls

  • View parking spot of parked calls
  • View caller id and number of parked calls
  • See avatar of parked call users (when available)
  • Retrieve parked calls with single-click

Voicemail access

  • View list of voicemails
  • Switch between multiple voicemail inboxes
  • New voicemail is indicated with a “NEW” badge
  • Voicemail caller id, number, and time are displayed for each voicemail
  • Listen to voicemail directly from within the webphone
  • View transcript of voicemail (paid feature)
  • Delete voicemail
  • Call back from voicemail
  • Mark voicemail as new, or deleted

Call history

  • List call history
  • Filter by All or Missed calls
  • Missed calls are indicated by a missed call icon
  • Caller id, name (if available), time, and queue name (when applicable) are displayed for each call
  • Call back by clicking on calls

Do Not Disturb switch is available as a persistent feature on the webphone and in the system tray

Network status indicator to quickly spot connectivity issues

Improved conferencing BETA

  • The engine was been upgraded to libwebphone.
  • The in-conference designs have been upgraded and improved upon

The new webphone (does include libwebphone as a new engine) ALPHA

Faxes Send, receive, and manage faxes all on one screen! The Faxes screen of allows users to take any action they need and to easily manage all inbound and outbound faxes.

Voicemails Search or select voicemails from the list to view and manage them. You can download any visible voicemail message by clicking on the Download icon, which will download a .mp3 file to your desktop.

Call History View call history and details including to/from, date/time and duration. Search for a specific call in the history using the search bar or search for call history for a specific date range.

Devices and Numbers View each of the devices configured to you as well as the phone numbers and extensions assigned to you.