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Call Center

Call Center is a highly versatile call center app for your clients, with a strong, data-driven interface and a suite of call queue management tools.

Starting from $10 / agent / mo.



Welcome to our signature Call Center application, now in!

Build out your call center by creating customized call queues for incoming calls, assigning agents, and setting basic call priority variables.

With Call Center you can get even more refined in your incoming call routing and add settings for your admins that will help them review queue activity and monitor agent calls in more detail.


The core Call Center app

Call Center provides agents with a single interface in which they log in, receive calls, view personalized metrics, and analyze their productivity. Managers and administrators are able to use the UI to view metrics for each queue and each agent including active calls, available agents, average call duration, number of missed calls, and abandoned calls.

Call queues are API-driven, which means a developer can use or combine queues with other parts of the system to make it work holistically with existing phone trees, IVRs, and more.


  • Choose the most effective call routing strategy for your needs
  • Personalize hold music
  • Create separate escalation queues
  • View metrics either by queue or by agent
  • Create a holistic system by using or combining queues with other parts of the system via API

Upgrade to Pro features as you work

Once your call center is configured, you can build more advanced queue routing, monitor performance, and generate reports by upgrading to the Pro feature set from within the app itself.

  • Create and set up call center environments directly in the app
  • View a member’s assigned queues, status in each queue, call information for each queue, and other agents assigned to queues
  • Get a comprehensive overview of all call center members, including their current status, role, assigned queues, and skills.
  • Create customized skills and utilize skill tagging to easily assign skills to members in one click
  • Ensure call quality through the built-in barge and whisper capabilities
  • Added administrator reporting tools
  • Eavesdrop / Whisper / Barge options for monitoring agent calls